Sunday, 31 March 2013

Vintage rose cross stitch

I have been wanting to make something from this book for ages...

I got it for Christmas and it's right up my street.  If you like Tilda books and Cath Kidston then you'll love this too!  There's sewing, cross stitch, crochet and even paper craft.

Finally I decided upon a beautiful cross stitch rose pattern, quite a small, but enough to keep me busy over a couple of evenings. 

I dug out my supplies and got cosy -

I used a 14 count natural aida - I have tried evenweave and it required a lot of concentration and eye squinting! I'll save that for when I know I'll have time to work on projects during the daytime for a better light.  But I'm happy with the look of this natural coloured aida, it worked perfectly with the threads I'd chosen.

It worked up fairly quickly, although with so many different colours working up such a small area there was a lot of time spent changing threads etc. 

Finally finished -

I knew I wanted to hang this in my recently decorated shabby chic bedroom, but I wasn't entirely sure how to display it.  I've been collecting frames specifically to use for my handmade projects and remembered a lovely gold 'scuffed' one I got from Tiger a while ago.  It's rectangular and the rose looked a little lonely in the frame all by itself, so I dug out my box of ric-rac and crochet lace and chose some that went beautifully.

Et voila!  My lovely picture now hangs beside the bed - next to my other handmade lovelies!

My aim is for this little patch of handmade loveliness to grow over this year :)


  1. What a lovely little rose. That handmade wall is comming along nicely. Well done you. :o)

  2. Really lovely this. Glad you said about the 14 count aida as I want to start a cushion and have been thinking about it so as not to cause blindness,(used 28 count evenweave on a pincushion once - never again!!! lol). Your crosstitch rose looks great in the frame, and I do love those crochet flowers above the other frame - so pretty Sam xx

  3. That's beautiful stitching, you can't beat making our own art. x

  4. It looks perfect!!! Especially with that trim. Can't wait to see the next addition!

  5. It's just perfect it looks fab! I have this book it was a gift from a kind friend and have lots of post it notes sticking out the top for things I want to make can't wait to get stuck into it again now after seeing your lovely creation xx

  6. Hi,

    I just made the rose also, found a picture at pinterest,
    I m interested in making the white heart also, may i ask you where you got

    Greetings from the netherlands

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