Monday, 12 August 2013

A new quilt

As soon as I saw the fabric line 'The Simple Life' by Tasha Noel I knew it was destined to become a quilt (for me!). 

I chose the red and white (and pink) fabrics from the line and ordered them from America (the best price). 

Finally I found some time to piece a very quick and easy squares/rectangle quilt top.  Here it is half-way through the knee-crunching job of basting!

Here it is all basted - masking tape and all!

I purposely used a very simple patchwork for the quilt top a) because it came together really quickly, and also because b) the large sections allow you to still be able to see all the lovely details of the fabrics.

In order to keep this quick I did rows of horizontal wavy quilting lines across the quilt, I think this has given it a lovely look without too much fuss.  After a final wash it came out lovely and crinkly.

The size of this one is just right for keeping me warm on the sofa, my other quilt is massive and could keep the whole family warm!

I made my binding from red fabric with white polka dots, I think it really adds a perfect finishing touch to the quilt. 

For the backing I used this lovely thrifted, vintage looking floral fabric (which I believe is actually and IKEA duvet cover!).

Now, cue lots of quilt photos!!


  1. Oh this is so pretty, it's great when you see fabric that grabs you that you hve to make something from it. Can I ask what size is it?

    Congrats on your finish. x

  2. Love this and the quilting is a great idea. The prints are really pretty and you've used them to their best advantage - gorgeous xx

  3. Love it, love it, love it!!!
    I SO want to get in to quilting!!!

  4. Oh that is stunning, I love that fabric! I would love to try something like this :D


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