Saturday, 20 April 2013

Non-stop sewing!

Oh dear, I seem to be leaving it longer and longer between blog posts don't I? 

Most of my time through the week is now spent on making orders for my lovely customers.  (You can see the things I'm manly making over on my 'Shop' page or if you're on Instagram, come and find me there - 'sewrayme'.) It's a constant stream of crochet hook rolls, new knitting needle rolls and bags of all different shapes and sizes! 

Gorgeous beach hut knitting needle roll
Pretty sets for crocheting on the go (or at home!)

I was also delighted to be asked to make a baby quilt recently too, I just love how it turned out, it was very difficult to part with! This one is cot size -

More of my little bags, in many different combos...each time I make another, I get a new favourite!

Evenings are spent with feet up, cup of tea in hand....

...and if I can find the energy, a little cross stitch too...


  1. You've been busy as always,all very pretty, I am sure I know the chart you are doing, think you've changed the colours though.

  2. Ooh one of your crochet hook rolls is going on my birthday wishlist :O

  3. That beach hug roll is stunning! I'm not surprised you haven't had time for blogging- you seem to finish another order every 5 minutes! :) xx

  4. Gorgeous makes, my dear! I especially love the bach huts roll - what fantastic fabric! :-)

  5. I love all of your sewing, it is so pretty :)


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