Thursday, 6 June 2013

Being tourists

After a very busy few months (designing, sewing, sewing, sewing, etc...!) my other half and I finally managed to book in a 'day off' that we could spend together.  Joshua (our 3 year old) was at nursery all day so it was a day for just us grown ups to enjoy together. 

Can you guess where we went?

We are very luckily to live fairly close to Edinburgh so we headed through in the morning and arrived in time to alight our open top bus tour of the city!

It was so nice to just sit for an hour and be driven around, not having to worry about the traffic or how to get from A to B.  There was some commentary too giving us information about places of interest, historic stories, and pointing out things we'd never noticed before.  I was also keeping my eyes out for lovely looking places to eat!

I spied Patisserie Valerie on our travels so we headed back there once the tour was over and had a really nice lunch. 

This was our lunch!  Clockwise from top left is salad nicoise and strawberry cream mille feuille and the bottom (mine) is croque monsieur and pecan and walnut tart.  All very delicious!

Of course we had time for a little stroll round the shops...

I was particularly amused when I entered the changing rooms in White Stuff - I managed to get a sneaky picture -

Can you see?  It's a row of vintage wardrobes....the assistant opened a door and ushered me into my changing was like entering Narnia!  Behind my wardrobe door was.....

A potting shed of course!!

I was a little gobsmacked to say the least!  I was allowed to peek inside the other wardrobes too, one was a 1980's style girls bedroom, a lavish bathroom and even a retro kitchen!  Absolutely fantastic, made my day :)

Now, back to that Cath Kidston carrier bag...I bet you want to know what was inside?

Some little treats for me :)

I'll leave you with a little mosaic of pictures from our day.


  1. This is BRILLIANT. The bf and I have just booked a weekend break to Edinburgh. We've never been before and I'm so excited to visit. Is it wrong that "shopping in White Stuff" just became top of my list?! :p xxx

  2. What a lovely day - I love the changing rooms in White Stuff - try to get a different one each time we go - Minibakebakegirl liked the cuddly toy one :o)


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