Friday, 26 July 2013

Floral embroidery inspiration has settled down somewhat with the arrival of our summer holidays (ours start a little earlier than everywhere else).  We've been so lucky with the weather and I've been 'lucky' in that I haven't been too busy on the sewing machine, allowing me to enjoy the sunshine! 

With a slower pace of life I have found that my hand sewing mojo has returned also and for a few evenings I sewed up some little ideas that had been floating around my head for some time. 

With the inspiration of the beautiful blooming garden, I just had to sew some embroidered flowers, lavender being one of my all time favourites.

Also making the most of the fact I can now do french knots!!

I added a little hand stamping, ribbon, and real dried lavender, and came up with a sweet lavender hanging sachet -

I was so pleased with this, and fuelled with more inspiration, I continued embroidering and making until I had a few more for my collection!

Sunflowers - little bursts of bright sunshine!

And daisies, of course, nothing says British summertime better than daisies! 


  1. Oh those Daisies...are making my heart start to flutter....adorable....
    Daisy x

  2. Wow, these are lovely, well done you - wish I could embroider (sigh)


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