Monday, 12 August 2013

Out with the old...


Notice anything different?

Welcome to my beautiful newly designed blog! It's clean, clear, fresh and pretty.....I hope you like it?

I'm so pleased with how it looks.  Over the summer I've been working with Saffy owner of Saffy Loves to come up with a new logo, new fonts, a new look blog etc, new everything! We've exchanged a lot of emails and Saffy was extremely patient with me (and all of my many requests!).  Saffy is also a friend from Instagram so I knew her style was right up my street.  This also meant that she knew my style pretty well too, resulting in a finished article that's just right! 

I designed my old blog myself, a couple of years ago when I just started to teach myself to sew, I never actually thought I'd get any readers, let alone followers!  And I had no idea my little hobby would turn into a business.  So I felt it was time to freshen things up, and I love my new look blog, the beautiful pastel colours, the lovely vintage sewing machine and the little floral touches.  Just gorgeous! 

Saffy does lots of design work, for all types of businesses.  So if you're looking for something to add the perfect touch to your blog, business cards, website etc, check out her Etsy shop - there's plenty for all budgets too. 

My blog hasn't been the only thing around here to have had a little make over - I've also been coming up with some new designs for some of my products....more on that next time :)


  1. Really pretty - love it!!
    Maria x

  2. Its fabulous and fresh! Loving it!

  3. Hi Rachael

    Loving the new site design, especially the logo and post signature. It fits your sewing theme perfectly.

  4. The new blog design is lovely. Well done. Loking forward to seeing what elso youve been up to :o)

  5. Ooooooh! This looks amazing!!! :-)

  6. Love love LOVE your new look blog. The logo is beautiful :)

    Rhi x

  7. I really like it, very streamlined.


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