Sunday, 15 September 2013

Birthday making

My little boy's 4th birthday gave me the chance to do some more crafting just for him. 

Including 1 birthday carrot cake as requested!

I have been  meaning to make Joshua some more personalised t-shirts for a while, and his birthday was the perfect reason to get one done!  He was asking for a robot a lot lately so that gave me the idea for the theme of this t-shirt.  It also meant that I could use a nice square font for the name meaning no fiddly curves to sew around!!

I am really pleased with this, the colours are lovely and bright, just what I like Joshua to wear. 

As I admired my work a brainwave hit!  I grabbed the leftover fabric and began cutting and sewing...

All sewn up, and we had a robot plushie!

Joshua loves it and has named him Scrappy!

On the tummy I added a little stamped name label -

Along with Scrappy and the t-shirt I also managed to make a quick little amigurumi froggy!  Isn't he cute? We have been doing a lot of counting songs so I thought this would be a great prop for the '5 little speckled frogs' song. 

Here's a link to the tutorial I used for the frog.  I found it quite easy and also used my first ever magic circles, the tutorial is here

Here is my little cool dude trying out his new birthday roller blades!

Autumn crafting


The chill is back in the air, the crisp leaves are beginning to gather at the edge of the kerb, Autumn is definitely upon us.  With the change in the season, comes a change in my crafting urges.  The shift moves from pretty floral cross stitch to cosy crochet with scrummy yarn.

This is the beginning of my first ever granny stripe blanket.  I used the tutorial from Attic 24 to get me started. 

I can say one thing about this, it's very addictive!  I'm just making a small(ish) lap blanket so the rows work up very quickly and I'm often thinking 'just one more row before bed'....I'm sure you're all familiar with this way of thinking!  Resulting in a few late nights ;)

Of course with more yarn, more storage was required so I chose some gorgeous new fabrics and made myself one of my large bags

These have been so popular lately and I notice quite a lot of crocheters are joining me in starting a granny stripe blanket recently. 

For a quick little change I started to hook up something else last night - I wanted to use the same gorgeous colours as my blanket.  I won't say what it is yet as it's going to be a gift as part of a swap I'm doing.  I can show you after the reveal date, but for now, here's as far as I got -

How about you, does your crafting change with the seasons?