Sunday, 27 October 2013

Weekend in London!

Lazy holidays are a thing of the past now that we have a 4 year old, activities always inevitably centre around playparks, children's attractions and family friendly cafes. My other half and I thought it was high time we booked a little break that was just for us....London seemed the perfect destination!

Whilst Joshua stayed with my parents, we caught a leisurely 11.20am flight on a Sunday morning, arriving in London just after lunch time.  We checked out our hotel and headed to Covent Garden for a look around and a bite to eat. 

The main attractions of London are all pretty close together so a walk around one area soon leads to another so we saw Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Chinatown all in the same afternoon. 

Back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner and we decided to go back to Chinatown for some yummy food....

Absolutely shattered, we called it a night, ready for a super busy Monday ahead!

We booked on the Eye for it opening and got an amazing birds eye view of London and saw all the famous sights from way up high.

The view from the top!
Houses of Parliament
After the London Eye we planned to go to Camden Lock so we got to make a trip on the Underground!

Camden Lock is a series of huge markets selling things for all tastes, lots of scarves, bags, t-shirts...(quite a hippy feel to it though)

There is also an amazing street food market serving all kinds of food including Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, etc etc.  It was fab to walk around with plenty to sample! 

See the huge piece of dough in the pic above?  This stall made tasty looking italian flatbreads while you wait, filled with all kinds of yumminess!

This is what I chose - Mexican!

I found a shop selling these gorgeous wooden fabric stamps...aren't they just lovely? Kicking myself now for not having bought some!

I didn't actually buy anything at the market other than lunch, so, in need for some retail therapy we caught the tube again, this time to Oxford Circus which brought us out right on the middle of Oxford Street.  One big, crazy street full of huge shops! 

Ahhhh, that's better - my purchases!  Inside the packets are long vests which I wear as pj's, (from Uniqlo), everything else is from Primark (Oxford Street = CRAZY by the way!  And as for the changing room queue, omg, I was probably in it for almost half an hour!)

You really can't beat Primark for skinny jeans, £13!

Monday night saw us off to a show (The Moustrap) which was really good but I was in need of some matchsticks for my eyes at that point!  We had squeezed so much into just one day. 

Although we were to leave at Tuesday lunchtime we still managed to fit loads into Tuesday morning. Some yummy brunch (pancakes, bacon, eggs...), a quick trip out to find Cath Kidston, and a few treats later...

I also picked up some London souvenirs on the way back to the hotel to collect our suitcases.  Not too tacky I hope?! A keyring, magnet and brooch....

And then it was back to the airport to fly home.  I had felt guilty about leaving Joshua but it turns out he hadn't batted an eyelid at us not being there...I think we could manage an extra night next time! 

I'll leave you with a few more of my fav pics from our trip

The window display in Hobbs
Pumpkin display outside The London Dungeon
The London Eye
The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
On top of the world! (Or maybe the London Eye)
My London brooch added to the strap of my Cath Kidston bag


  1. Thank you for letting us join you on your trip!
    I'm just having a drool moment over the CK goodies.....


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