Sunday, 20 October 2013

Work time and play time

As a WAHM (work at home mum) I often get asked 'don't you just sit with the telly on all day getting nothing done?'

Hell no!

Firstly, I hate daytime tv, and secondly, I absolutely hate sitting around doing nothing, I just can't do it!  I even find it hard to do *nothing* in the evenings, I'm always crafting, thinking about crafting or blogging about crafting!

My 4 year old goes out to nursery 5 days a week so that helps get the day off to an early start, I get home around 9.15am and begin work.  (I'm so lucky that I can even fit in some exercise time too, lately I've been enjoying some pilates workouts I found free on YouTube, and through the summer I did The 30 Day Shred). 

Then the day is spent invoicing, ordering supplies, planning, designing and of course SEWING!

And then I sew some more...

If my OH is working from home sometimes we even find time to pop out for a quick coffee date!

By tea time I have to pack up - as I work from the dining table.  Of course this is a pain, but at the same time it also means I don't end up working past dinner time so it's not all bad ;)

I never work in the evenings, that's my time.  I have many crafts to choose from so depending on my mood I'll cross stitch, do some embroidery or crochet.  As for the weekends, I try not to work but if I have a lot on I'll spend a little time in the afternoons preparing fabric or doing some sewing etc.  But I'd much rather be out with my family, going to the park or the beach.

This is a nearby woodland park which is just beautiful and great for a wildlife walk.  Or we may go out for lunch -

The important thing is to differentiate between 'work time' and 'play time'. 

Yep, this is definitely play time :)


  1. That sounds wonderful to me.Working from home doing something you doesnt get any better. Take care.

  2. I love working from home, I have my blog and also sell my handmade items. It's perfect for me with 3 kids, and one of them is at home with me. So I can fint my work in around family life. I could never go back to a 'normal' 9-5 job

    Natasha @ Serenity You

  3. Its my dream to one day work from home. I think you're really Lucky to be able to do something you love from home, long may it continue for you. :o)

  4. Love the sunflowers ;) I would love to work from home. I've done the SAHM thing and got frustrated now I teach part time and want to be home more! Need to find a skill :)

  5. I work for home and love it!


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