Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cupcakejojo Designs - branching out

You may already be familiar with Cupcakejojo and her beautiful blog....I first discovered it while searching the net for crochet inspiration - I certainly wasn't disappointed when I found Jo's blog!

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With many pics like the beautiful one above, I remember spending a whole evening greedily pinning away on Pinterest so much gorgeous inspiration! 

I soon stalked discovered Jo on Twitter and Instagram and of course had to follow!

Jo has recently been sharing her love for doodling...which is where *my* latest project comes in!

imgages copywrite of Cupcakejojo Designs

I knew these designs would be perfect to embroider so I told Jo I'd stitch one up for her....

I purposely chose lovely bright cheery colours as these echo the colours Jo uses in her crochet (see, all that blog stalking came in handy!)

Once finished, I had originally planned to frame it with a wooden embroidery hoop and simple ribbon hanging - however at the last minute I realised I didn't have a hoop the right size! With no plan in mind at all I dug out a fabric that matched the thread colours I'd used and sat down at my sewing machine...a table mat? hanging thingy?...I really had no idea where I was going with it! 

By the time I had finished adding a lovely ditsy floral border and backing, I realised it'd be perfect as a sweet little wall hanging - so that is what it became. 

I'm not sure if you can see the detail, but it says 'There's no place like home'. 

I was super pleased with how this turned out!  It was great when Jo received it too as she loved it too, phew! 

If you fancy stitching up one of Jo's designs yourself (or colouring it in, appliqueing it etc) then pop over to her Etsy shop where you can purchase a downloadable design.  And keep checking back as new designs are being added all the time. 

Unbeknown to me, naughty Jo sent me a little something in the post as a thank you....

There was a pack of Pip Studio stickers, a sweet butterfly peg, and......something crocheted by the lady  herself!! I was so excited to actually own some of Cupcakejojo's gorgeous crochet!

Luckily they arrived just in time for that day's nursery run! I love love love my new Cupcakejojo wristwarmers!


  1. oooh how lovely !!
    I love a good swap between bloggy friends with mutal admiration...thats a special bond.
    I have been an admirer of Jo's crochet for sometime....your stitchery is so neat and I do like the bright cheery colours you have chosen....
    bestest Daisy j

  2. Your stitching is just beautiful, I really need to move away from the machine and have a go myself! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Josie from


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