Thursday, 2 January 2014

Pottering about

Happy New Year to you all! 

Are we all doing the same right now - finishing off all the naughty treats before the diet starts on Monday??

This is some yummy rocky road I have left over - I made a big batch for gifts and luckily there was some left for me ;)

These Christmas holidays have been very relaxed, jammies til late morning, maybe a walk, lunch, tv, crafting, pottering around etc.  I had a little burst of useful pottering this week and finally framed some prints I bought A YEAR AGO!

The pictures are actually cards from Freya Art & Design on Etsy, I chose this selection as they are such happy pictures and have some lovely phrases.

These cute ones are for Joshua's bedroom.

These ones are for my bedroom and the sitting room.

The ones for my bedroom have been added to my handmade wall which I started a while back and have gradually added to - all things I have made, up until now when I thought the addition of the prints would be perfect.  I love to think that these are the first things I will see when I wake in the mornings :)

You can see a bit more detail of my handmade wall in this post.  I think it's interesting to see how my latest additions have introduced a bit more colour!  I think my tastes are widening slightly and I'm becoming a bit more braver in terms of introducing less pink and even some blue!

Another handmade trinket which I finally managed to get hung up was the sweet little button heart -

Quite simply a stuffed cream fabric heart which I then sat and sewed button after button on to.  You can't quite tell but I used a lovely pale pink thread to attach the buttons.  This was a great craft for me as it used up a load of buttons from my overflowing cream/white jar.  (My buttons are in colour coded jars...isn't everyone's?)


  1. I'm doing the same - stuffing my face with all the goodies... planning to get finish them ready for Monday! The prints are great, and look lovely on your homemade wall! Maria x

  2. Good for you on getting all your prints organised - I have a corner in my bedroom piled high with prints - vintage advertisements, old railroad images and Jazz festival posters that *need* to get framed. Really need to get onto that!

  3. Oh my I am just over the moon in love with that button heart!!! Cute prints too!

    I found a reliable way of getting to your site even though my computer still plays up. I use our IP address scrambler and it works to get through! Now that I've said that it will probably stop working but I'm so pleased that I get to read your bits and bobs now!

    - J

  4. Lovely prints! I'm terrible at framing things straight away too - still have some postcards I want to frame in a drawer from July! The handmade wall is a great idea too.

  5. How lovely your wall looks beautiful! I hoard postcards, tea towels and posters meaning to frame them up but I never do, maybe this year xx


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