Sunday, 22 March 2015

A handmade gift


I can't believe a week has passed since Mothers Day, and what a day it was. I hope yours was more restful than mine - 6 loads of washing ( yes 6!) after my 5 year old was up sick most of Saturday night. 

I did, however, receive some lovely gifts -

A massive bunch of Roses and this cute bunny from Lush filled with amazing smelling bath products. I've left it in this same spot in the sitting room all week as it's making the room smell gorgeous! 

After seeing a crochet tutorial for Anemone flowers on Pink Milk's blog I decided to have a go, and thought I'd incorporate them into a handmade gift for my own mum for Mothers Day. 

I wasn't quite sure what I'd do with them - and if I'd found a jar big enough I'd have made it into a pretty candle cosy. But of course, no jar! So on Friday, late afternoon, I decided a cushion would be a good idea. A cushion that would have to be made from start to finish by Sunday! Anyone else come up with these great last minute ideas?! 

Luckily I'd just received a yarn delivery (just to replenish my stocks) so chose a pale mint and cream to make my stripey cushion. 

There was smoke coming from my crochet hook at one point! 

Luckily, I managed to get finished in good time and by Saturday night could finally stop and admire my handy work. 

I was very pleased with this!

I have enclosed the cushion pad completely (in the hope it won't be heavily used, therefore won't need much washing), and I added a sweet scalloped edge. 

The simple half trebles in alternating colours would actually be quite relaxing to make if I hadn't been in such a rush. However I definitely fancy making a stripey cushion for myself, although in white and red or pink perhaps, with some of Heather's roses attached.

And with thoughts of Anemones in my head of course I bought some bulbs and have planted them in pots  this week (safely in the warmth of the greenhouse). 


  1. You should be pleased with your cushion, it's gorgeous!


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