Sunday, 24 January 2016

A new knitty hobby


A new year sees me working on a new hobby.  Who knew I even had the time to learn something new? It just kind of happened...without any warning.  Before I knew it I was knitting!

Last year I had the opportunity to try some yarn dyeing (more on this in another post).  I knew I needed some great projects to make these gorgeous skeins of hand-dyed yarn really worth their while.

I decided that I'd have a go at a couple of shawls with these yarns.  The pastel on the left is DK, and the dark indigo is sock weight.  I went with the indigo first and chose the pattern 'Sunlight Shawl for Sad People'.  It looked easy enough but definitely challenging at the same time!  

Casting on with circulars was a first for me! The extra room the cable gives you to work on is great for a project like this which grows and grows and grows.  

I even got so brave as to knit IN PUBLIC!!

The yarn is a bit tonal so it was nice to see the different shades coming out as I went through row by row.  I did, however, find the dark yarn really tricky to work with and see my stitches.  Probably not the best to use for a beginner.

A few months after starting my shawl I finally finished it.  I had to push myself at the end as I was really keen to try knitting something with the other pastel yarn I'd dyed!


My first knitted shawl! I got a few weeks wear out of this before the weather turned really cold and I had to swap it for my huge blanket scarf, but I'm looking forward to wearing this again as the Spring warms up.

And straight after casting this off....I cast on another simple garter stitch shawl -

I'm only a few rows through this, it's growing quickly though -

I'm absolutely loving the soft muted colours in this yarn.

And its every bit as soft and squishy as it looks! This shawl isn't yet finished but I think it will remain as one of those projects that's on the go for a while - you know the one you just pick up when you want to knit without thinking or counting etc.  (Of course what that actually means is that I have far too many other wips going on at the same time!)

Stay tuned for more of my knitty adventures :)


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